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Department of Data Analysis, Decision Making, and Financial Technology

Formed as a result of a merger of the following departments:

·         Teaching Departments:
    • Department of Applied Computer Science  
    • Department of Mathematics  
    • Department of Applied Mathematics  
    • Department of the Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics  
    • Department of Systems Analysis and Economic Process Modeling (economic modeling-related part)


Department Management

Head of the Department 
Vladimir Solovyev
Doctor of Economics, Professor, holder of the Financial University Rector’s Award; three times winner of the Project of the Year Award of the Global CIO Union of IT Directors of Russia; holder of the Ovsiyevich Award. Expert in resolving application problems in data analysis and economic decision-making; the founder of the scientific school of the economics of the IT services market. Graduated from the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University; IEDC School of Management (Slovenia) and the Skolkovo School of Management (Moscow).
Address: 38 Shcherbakovskaya, room 203
Tel.: +7 (495) 249-5222
Deputy Head of the Department 
Irina Denezhkina  
 Holder of the PhD degree (Technical Sciences), Associate Professor, Honored Worker of the Financial University. Expert in applying numerical methods and developing complex system mathematical models in the field of economics and finance; expert in applying teaching methodology to teaching mathematics in higher education institutions. Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the Ordzhonikidze Moscow Aviation Institute.
Address: 38 Shcherbakovskaya, room 213
Tel.:  +7 (499) 277-2123



Deputy Head of the Department 

Vadim Feklin  

Holder of the PhD degree (Physics and Mathematics), Associate Professor; expert in the qualitative theory of differential equations, financial modeling and e-learning technologies. Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Address: 38 Shcherbakovskaya, room 302

Tel.: +7(499) 277-2137



About the Department

The key goal of the Department is to become an advanced center of competences in the field of data mining technology, decision-making theory and data processing technology-based financial services development. Those are the technologies that are changing all the fields of human activity today while creating new markets and changing the existing ones. The main objective of the Department is to maintain communication with the market players and to ensure that all the University students acquire practical skills in using data mining technology and applying decision-making theory, and to give the students of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science an opportunity to become participants of financial sector technical projects that are underway today.  This problem cannot be solved by simply transferring the knowledge to students using textbooks as todays’ technologies and business models used in the financial sector are developed much faster than the book are published. The instructors simply have to be involved in state-of-the-art research work in order to ensure that they are in demand on the labor market, and they are actually involved in doing the research of such kind. These are the examples of the recent research findings:
  • A technology for building a large semantic network that represents economic terms has been developed and tested. By using the network, computer applications can better ‘interpret’ economic texts and can, for example, help people make financial decisions based on the analysis of data found in the news items presented as texts;
  • A methodology has been developed for comparing financial rankings. It takes into account the fact that different rating agencies place objects of analysis in a different order, and not all the agencies rank all objects;
  • A complex networks analysis methodology has been developed. The method, for example, can be used in order to achieve a 100-fold reduction in data volume stored by the mapping service providers and in the geographic information systems and to get an opportunity to ensure a more in-depth analysis of road networks.
  The Department staff are planning to build a special section on the Department web page that will contain information on the research findings and their practical application opportunities.
The VTB Bank and the Diasoft company, the Department’s key partners, contribute to developing practical skills in students during the teaching and learning process.   
The Department staff are planning to launch new programs at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, including the programs developed jointly with the major employers and the world's leading universities, to reform the teaching process design used when teaching mathematics and information technology to students of all Faculties, and, when doing the research in the field of big data and artificial intelligence, to obtain new applied research findings that new financial products and services can be based upon.
Center for Corporate Mobility Studies is part of the Department of Data Analysis, Decision-Making Theory and Financial Technology.