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Department of Political Science

Formed as a result of a merger of the following departments:

·         Teaching Departments:
    • Department of Applied Political Science  
    • Department of General Political Science  
  • Institute for the Study of Effective State and Civil Society Issues  
  • Political Research Center  


Department Management

Sergei Belokonev 
Head of the Department 
PhD (Political Science)
Expert in investment, political technologies, optimization and modernization of processes and entities.
His research interests include political psychology, investment management, political and economic basis of regional development.
Address: 49 Leningradsky Prospekt, room 303
Tel.: +7 499 943 94 07
Sergei Rastorguyev 
Deputy Head of the Department for Teaching and Teaching Methodology  
Doctor of Political Science, Associate Professor
His research interests include political relations between businesses and the government in contemporary Russia, political and economic base for the sustainability of the modern states.
Address: 49 Leningradsky Prospekt, room 302
Tel.: +7 499 943 95 10
Daniel Petrosyants  
Deputy Head of the Department for Research, Master and Postgraduate Training 
PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
His research interests include knowledge economy, national and regional innovative systems, public policy in the field of education, elite studies, comparative politics, and the university rankings.
Address: 49 Leningradsky Prospekt, room 401
Tel.: +7 499 943 94 11

 About the Department

By bringing together political scientists and researchers, the Department aims at improving the conditions necessary for the formation and development of scientific schools within the Financial University, developing University large-scale research projects and becoming a research center that would be famous for the research works and researchers’ cooperation and partnership within the University and beyond. The Department’s efficient interaction with the labor market players is one of the major areas where the Department operates. Such interaction helps young political scientists and experts in public relations become employed and fully use their potential. The Department was formed as a result of a merger of two teaching departments, that is, the Department of Applied Political Science and the Department of General Political Science, and the Institute of Efficient Government and Civil Society Issues and the Center for Political Studies. The Department staff are planning to form a number of researchers’ and expert councils and working groups on the human capital development, education reform, political economy, investment and regional political economy models.
The Department is a degree-awarding department. It offers a bachelor degree program in Political Science that has the following concentrations: 
          PR in Politics and Business
          Political Science and Economic Processes 
The Department offers a master degree program in Political Science that has the following concentration: 
          Political and Economic Base for the Sustainability of a Modern State  
Learning mode: face-to-face 
Program Directors:  Yakov Plyais, Konstantin Simonov