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Department of Public Finance

Formed as a result of a merger of the following departments: 

·         Teaching Departments:
    • Department of Public and Municipal Finance  
    • Department of Theory of Finance  
  • Center for Financial Policy  


Department Management


Svetlana Solyannikova
Head of the Department 
PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
Holder of the Award of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of education; Honored Worker of Higher Education; member, Expert Council of the State Duma of the Russian Federation; member, working groups of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.
Tyumen State University. Major: Finance and Lending. Degree in Economics.   Moscow Institute of Finance (postgraduate training department).
Has been working in the Financial University since 1992.
Courses taught:  Public and Municipal Revenues; Targeted Approach to Public Finance Management; Efficient and Responsible Budget Management  
Research Interests
Public finance management; financial support of public service rendering process; budget process.
Olga Buzdalina
Deputy Head of the Department for Teaching Methodology 
PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
Class III Counsellor of the Tax Service of the Russian Federation 
Moscow University of Сonsumers’ Сooperatives. Major: World Economy. Degree in Economics (economist with skills in two foreign languages)
 Has been working in the Financial University since 2013.
Courses taught: Public and Municipal Finance; Financial and Monetary Economy Regulation Methods 
Research Interests
Budgeting, inter-budgetary relations, fiscal planning and forecasting.
Oksana Gorlova
Deputy Head of the Department for Research
PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
 Irkutsk Institute of National Economy. Major: Audit and Control. Degree in Economics/Control, Financial Academy under the Government of Russian Federation (postgraduate training department).
Has been working in the Financial University since 1999.
Courses taught:  The Budgetary System of the Russian Federation; Budget Process.  
Research Interests
Budgeting, budget process, financial support of public service rendering process.


About the Department
The Department provides training within the higher education programs. It is involved in research and analytical work of the Financial University. The Department instructors are members of the examination boards and selection committees of the federal executive bodies, and members of the editorial boards of the leading journals.
Research Work
The Department staff members do the commissioned research following the orders of the Government, within the framework of public contracts and contracts concluded with various organizations. The key customers of the R&D contracts are the Government of the Russian Federation and the federal executive bodies. The Department organizes and conducts sessions of the workshop titled Topical Issues in Public Finance Management System Improvement jointly with the Higher School of Economics National Research University. The workshop is aimed at the expert community.
Experts’ Efforts 
The Department staff is involved in preparing analytical materials for the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and other public authorities.
The Center for Financial Policy is incorporated into the Department.   
The Department offers a program in Economics to the bachelor degree students. The program has the following concentrations at the bachelor training department:
 • Finance and Lending
• Public and Municipal Finance
• Public Financial Control
• Corporate Finance (Finance in the Non-Profit Organizations)
The Department offers a program in Finance and Lending (with the concentration in Public and Municipal Finance) to master degree students. The Department offers a program in Economics (with the concentration in Finance, Money Circulation and Credit) to the postgraduate students.  
Our contacts
Address:  7 Maly Zlatoustinsky Pereulok, stroyeniye 1, room 224
Tel. +7 495 625 29 26; +7 495 625 56 62