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Department of Sociology

Formed as a result of a merger of the following departments:

  • Teaching Departments:
    • Department of Applied Social Science  
    • Department of Philosophy 


Department management


Aleksandr Tyurikov 
Head of Department
Doctor of Sociology, Professor
 His research interests include topical issues of social sector modernization; issues in identification of living standards and social management efficiency assessment. Expert in the sociology of organizations, social conflict, deviant behavior, management and social technology. Organizer of the annual Quality of Life: Cooperation between the Academic and Business Communities, Government and the Community Members International Forum; organizer of The Quality of Life of the Russia Regions’ Population survey. Holder of the Lomonosov Award (in the field of research, education, culture and art) (2004). Member of the Russian Society of Sociologists; lead expert of the Social and Political Council under the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the Central Federal District. Author and project manager of more than 150 comprehensive federal and regional sociological, marketing and social projects. Author of more than 80 works published in Russia and abroad.
Natalia Kiseleva  
Deputy Head of the Department for Teaching and Teaching Methodology
PhD (Sociological Sciences), Associate Professor
Has been working in the Financial University since 2002.
• 1995 – graduated from the Rostov State University, degree in Biology;
• 1995 – graduated from the Rostov State University, degree in Practical Psychology
Advanced Training and Professional Development:
• 20 January 2008 – 2 June 2008 - Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation; course: Innovative Methodology of Teaching Social Sciences and Arts in the   Economist-Training Universities
• 19 February 2004 – 1 April 2004 – Institute for the Advanced Training of Teaching Staff at the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation; course:  World Economy
Disciplines taught:
• Demography (bachelor degree program in Sociology)
• Corporate HR Management (master degree program in Sociology)
• Corporate Culture and Corporate Values (master degree program in Sociology)
• Interdisciplinary course work (bachelor degree program in Sociology)
• Sociological Research Methodology and Techniques (bachelor degree program in Sociology)
• Modern Methods of Sociological Research (master degree program in Sociology)
• Social Management and the Negotiations (master degree program in Sociology)
• Sociology of Poverty and Wealth (master degree program in Sociology)
• Economic Sociology (bachelor degree program in Economics)
Aleksei Novikov  
Deputy Head of the Department for Research
Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor
1977 – graduated from the Kuybyshev Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering  (now Moscow State University of Civil Engineering); specialism:  Maintenance of buildings, equipment and automated systems
Disciplines taught:
• Interdisciplinary course work (bachelor degree program in Sociology)
• Economic Sociology (bachelor degree program in Sociology)


About the Department
The Department Sociology was established on 1 June 2016 as a result of the merger of the teaching Department of Philosophy and the Department of Applied Sociology. The Department of Philosophy was formed more than 70 years ago. It was established in 1946. It was called the Department of Marxism and Leninism then. The Department of Applied Sociology was formed 20 years ago, in 1996. It was called the Department of Sociology then. The Department’s goal is to ensure training of financial experts by transferring knowledge in the field of economic sociology and philosophy, to develop research in the field of economic sociology, philosophy, and consumer behavior in the financial markets. Among the Department teaching staff, there are Doctors of Sociology, Philosophy, Economics and Political Science, holders of PhD degrees who specialize in Sociology, Philosophy and History. Many of the Department instructors are the graduates of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. The Department instructors teach disciplines that are part of the bachelor, master and postgraduate training program curricula. They also offer advanced training programs to students. 
The Department offers the following programs to students:  
  Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies 
The Department’s key objective is to train experts in Socioeconomics for the financial sector by offering programs to bachelor, master, postgraduate and doctoral degree students. Our graduates are the market analysts who can use sociological research tools to assess and make forecasts in regard to financial and economic risks; experts in social management who can use methods of economic assessment of the social components of production, social engineering and programming.
The Department staffs’ goals are the following: 
• Through bachelor, master and postgraduate training programs, to promote critical thinking and a philosophical view of the world, to form the ability to use modern research methodology in everyday work and the ability to perform logical and critical analysis of the social, economic, spiritual processes going on in Russia and in other countries;
• To develop and implement innovative projects and use innovative teaching methodology;
• To take advanced training courses and be engaged in researcher professional development programs;
• To participate in the Russian and international researcher congresses, workshops, roundtable discussion sessions, conferences, and seminars;
An educational sociological research laboratory is incorporated in the Department.