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Department of Tax Policy and Customs Tariff Regulation

Formed as a result of a merger of the following departments:

  • Teaching Departments:
    • Department of Taxes and Taxation
    • Department of Tax Consulting   
  • Center for Tax Policy and Tax Administration of the Institute of Financial and Economic Research  


Department Management


Head of the Department

Lyubov Goncharenko


Doctor of Economics (2009), Full Professor (2006),

Honored Worker of Higher Education (2004),

Distinguished Worker of Higher Education (2012)

Tel.: +7 (499) 277-3929


Room: 313


Deputy Head of the Department

for Research and Postgraduate Training

Nadezhda Melnikova



Tel.: +7 (499)277-3957 (вн. 3957


Room: 313


Deputy Head of the Department

for Teaching, Correspondence Studies and Open Education

Natalia Nazarova



Tel.: +7 (499)277-3942


Room: 313




Deputy Head of the Department

 for Teaching Methodology and Master Training

Yulia Malkova



 Tel.: +7 (499)277-3957


Room: 313



 About the Department

The Department of Tax Policy and Customs Tariff Regulation offers higher education programs, is involved in research work and provides expert analysis at the University level.  All the Department instructors have a degree in Economics and Finance that is in line with the Department area of expertise, are involved in all kinds of didactic and methodological work, and do the research in the field of taxes and taxation.  Most instructors are the holders of PhD degrees, doctoral degrees, and have the title of an associate professor or professor.
The Department hires the leading experts who work for the tax and financial authorities to deliver lectures, conduct seminars, supervise postgraduate students’ work, final year students’ graduation paper preparation process, and master degree program students’ theses preparation process on a part-time basis.
The instructors who work on a part-time and freelance basis at the Department have teaching and research experience. Many of them are practitioners who offer tax consulting services or occupy senior positions in government institutions.
Today, there are 19 Full Professors, 35 Associate Professors, 2 Senior Lecturers and 5 teaching assistants at the Department. 
The key Department goals are the following: 
To train experts who have a deep knowledge of taxes and law, good theoretical background and practical skills needed to resolve issues related to taxation system improvement within the framework of bachelor degree program in Economics (with the concentration: Taxes and Taxation) and master degree programs in Economics (with the concentrations: Taxes, Accounting, Tax Audit; Taxes, Accounting, Tax Consulting; International Tax Planning, Corporate Tax Management);
• To carry out all types of didactic activities and develop methodology for teaching the disciplines offered by the Department using high theoretical and practical work standards while taking into account the amendments and adjustments made to taxes and taxation system in accordance with the Russian legislation, legal resolutions, the theory developed and best practices gained abroad;
• To train teaching staff and researchers at the postgraduate training department and doctoral studies department and offer advanced training courses to the teaching staff and researchers;
• To conduct research work on issues in taxes and taxation in all manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors observed on the level of the federation, constituent territories and municipal entities;
• To participate in research work, and the work of expert committees of the State Duma, the Federation Council, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Federal Tax Service aimed at taxation mechanism improvement and corporate, physical entity and SMEs taxation system improvement, improvement of the system of taxation in the field of nature management and natural resources use and aimed at resolving double taxation issues, etc. One of the most important areas of expertise of the Department staff is drafting of laws on taxation of legal and physical entities’ property, land tax, inheritance tax and donation duty, taxes in the financial and lending sector and other taxes;
• To render tax consulting services to practitioners, various companies and organizations and such agencies as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Federal Tax Service, the Moscow and the Moscow Region Office of the Federal Tax Service, the Federal Tax Service inspectorates in Moscow and the Moscow Region, inter-regional and inter-district inspectorates, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and commercial banks.  
• To render assistance in the field of research and methodology development to the Russian higher education institutions, to share methodological guidelines with education institutions of several countries.
 To conduct international roundtable discussion sessions and conferences jointly with the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance, the Federal Tax Service, the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, the International Fiscal Association, the Russian Chamber of Tax Consultants, other government institutions, and commercial and non-profit organizations.

The Department of Tax Policy and Customs Tariff Regulation awards bachelor and master degrees in Economics (with the concentration in Taxes and Taxation).

We have the following master degree programs on offer:
- Taxes, Accounting, Tax Audit (in partnership with PwC)
- Taxes, Accounting, Tax Consulting
- International Tax Planning
- Corporate Tax Management