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Faculty of International Tourism, Sport Business and Hospitality Industry

pirogova.jpg Schegolkov4.png

Pirogova Olga

Doctor of Pedagogics, Professor,

Corresponding Member,

Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,


Schegolkov Yury

Associate Professor,

First Deputy Dean


The Faculty of International Tourism, Sport Business and Hospitality Industry of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation was established in accordance with the order of M. A. Eskindarov, Financial University Rector, on May 17, 2016. Before they opened the Faculty, a program in International and Domestic Tourism has been on offer for several years at the Faculty of International Economic Relations, one of the oldest and most prestigious Faculties.

Why Tourism?

Today, the tourism and hospitality industry is becoming increasingly popular and attracts much attention. More than 50 economic sectors and areas of social life are intertwined with tourism in one way or another.
 The tourism industry accounts for about 6% of the world gross domestic product, 7% of the world investment and 11% of global consumer spending. Every 16th employee in the world works for the industry.
In many countries, it is the tourism industry that creates new jobs, contributes to maintaining a high standard of living and the national balance of payments improvement. The tourism sector development encourages people to become better educated, contributes to healthcare system improvement, fosters introduction of new information dissemination means, etc.  The qualitative economic changes require a new quality of training. We badly need economists and financial experts who know a lot about the tourism marketing of cities and territories, and competent managers who can work for the modern tourism and hospitality industry, the managers with expertise in macro- and microeconomics who are able to win in a quite fierce global competition in the tourism sector. Our Faculty’s goal is to train such experts.  

Bachelor Degree Programs on Offer:

• International and Domestic Tourism (Tourism program)
• Management in Sports (Management program)

Master Degree Programs on Offer:

• Tourism Infrastructure and Territory Management (Management program)
• Sports Project Management (Management program)
Address: 51/1 Leningradsky Prospekt,
    • room 0617 (Dean's Office);
    • room 0618 (First Deputy Dean's Office);
    • room 0619 (Bachelor and Master Degree Programs)
    • +7 (495) 249 51 79 (First Deputy Dean)
    • +7 (495) 249 52 29 (Bachelor and Master Degree Programs)