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What do the graduates think of the University? 

  I live in Baku. I work for Azersun Holding, one of the largest holdings in Azerbaijan. The company I work for is called Bazar Store. It is part of a retail chain.  I have been working for the company since 2012. I worked as an interpreter/translator at first at the Software Department. Later I was transferred to the company financial division. I have been working as an accountant since 2013.
  In 2009, I decided to become enrolled to a university. It took me almost three months to decide where I wanted to study. I examined options and considered the best US, European and other countries’ universities. At last, I decided to apply to a Russian university. The reason why is, firstly, the fact that Moscow is not that far from Baku. Secondly, my friends and relatives live in Russia. Thirdly, there is no language barrier for me here. I have near-native proficiency in Russian. When it came to choosing a university, I chose the Financial University. You could ask me why.
   When I was looking for the best university to study at that ensured good quality of provision I thought that the best method of assessing any university was to find out where the university graduates worked. I identified the most influential businessmen in Russia and I studied their biographies. As a result, I learned that the people whom I respected and revered very much had one thing in common; they were all the Financial University graduates.
  I am speaking about such figures as M. D. Prokhorov, A. B. Usmanov, A. G. Siluanov, A. G. Khloponin, S. V. Stepashin, M. S. Gutseriev, to name a few.  I realized that if I wanted to be a successful businessman, I needed to become enrolled into that university. Fortunately, I was enrolled and I graduated from the university in 2015. I treasured every minute of each day spent at the university.  I wanted to learn as much as I could and to know and understand all the aspects of business, finance and economics. All the courses that I have taken are directly relevant to the professional activity I am engaged in. There is no discipline among the ones I have studied that I would call useless. I appreciated the teaching staff members. They were always willing to help students in their studies. While at the Financial University, I passed the exams and obtained a certificate from Bloomberg. 
  The university library is one of the best-equipped libraries ever visited.  Something new happens all the time on campus. They construct new buildings, update programs of study, and organize competitions. All this inspires me. I would like my children to study here, too.
  I am grateful to my program director and all the staff at the Dean’s Office. Thank you for everything you did. I would like to say special thanks to such great instructors as Elena Ryabinina, Elena Shatalova, Larisa Aleksandrova, and Aleksandr Fedyunin. Thanks you, my dear instructors! Thank you, my dear university! 
Muslim Imanov 
Graduated in 2015 


I am proud that I was a student at the Financial University. This University has always been perfect for me. The training it provides has been useful, it helped me reach my ambitious career goals! Today I am Deputy Director General for Investment and Development in SASA mining company of Macedonia. Previously, I was Head of MAK ASSETS MENAGMENT investment fund. I have headed the Corporate Lending Department in the Export/Import Bank in Skopje for 2 years.
I would be very glad if a Foreign Alumni Association were founded. I would be happy to join it! I look forward to meeting fellow graduates soon!

Ivica Karapetov 
Graduated in 1997

IMG_0904.JPGIn September 2000, I became a master degree program student of the Financial University. I am very proud of my choice. I learned a lot during the period of study at the Financial University. The knowledge gained at the University allowed me to expand the range of my interests and to significantly improve my professional skills.
Due to the open atmosphere of the University, and the friendly attitude of other international students, I often forgot I was in a foreign country. I was glad to participate in the cultural life of the University, take part in gala concerts, celebrations of national holidays and other events.
 I thank my alma mater and my tireless instructors! I appreciate your efforts! I wish you all success and prosperity!
P.S. Unfortunately, for various reasons, I lost contact with the University people. I am very glad that the Graduates’ Union will be founded and I will have an opportunity to get in touch with my former fellow students.
Xiaonan Ren
Graduated in 2002

anhthe.jpgI am proud of being a graduate of the Moscow Financial Institute which is now called the Financial University.
All of my friends who are the Institute graduates have achieved success in building their careers and they now occupy managerial positions in different institutions (both educational and financial ones).

Sometimes we organize reunions. It is nice to recall the period spent at the Institute, our good and responsible instructors and the fundamental knowledge of the profession that we have obtained during the period of study. It is good to see that the knowledge helped us in building our careers.
Thank you for what you are doing at the University.

I would like to say special thanks for forming the International Graduates’ Union.
I wish you success and prosperity!

Ms. Ngo Thi Nhu Phuong
Graduate of 1994

Stephan Schulze.jpgIn 2011, I graduated the Financial University and obtained a Master, Speciality in Economics. I was a student of the International Finance Faculty in the Master Programme International Finance. As a part of my studies, I also did an internship at the Headquarter for the Russian Federation of a major Swedish company.
The time in Moscow was very excting and challenging, and at the same time useful for my further career. I have met many very ambitious and clever students. Many of my fellow students nowadays work in interntational , well recognized companies.
The Financial University is a well - known and highly ranked University in Russia. As a student, you have to participate in extra curricular event. For example, I took part in the 90`s anniversary of the Financial University in spring 2009. One of the keynote speakers was the Russian Finance Minister by that time, Mr. Alexei Kudrin.
Moscow is a vibrant and exiting city, with a broad culture and lots of historical places, museums and a great nightlife. Foreign students stay at the student dormitory near the central campus in Moscow. There, I have used the chance to meet other students from other faculties and programmes and to become friends with them.
I fully recommend the Finance University. For me it was a brilliant time, that I don`t want to miss. I want to thank everybody from Financial University, who supported me during my studies!

Stephan Schulze
Graduate of 2011