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Useful Information

Social Discount Card  

How to get the card?  

Students can apply for a social discount card in the Moscow Multipurpose Centers. You need to have your passport and your student ID card, sign the questionnaire form completed by a Center employee, make a photograph of yourself and you will get your card in 2 weeks. You will not have to endorse the questionnaire at the University.

The Multipurpose Centers are not pegged to a certain territory. That is, students can apply for a social discount card at any Multipurpose Center, regardless of place of residence or the location of the educational institution. To ensure convenience, the Centers are open daily from Monday to Sunday from 8.00 to 20.00.

Please note that you need to check the correctness of the student information in the register posted at​ .  

If there is no entry in the register, you need to register at the Financial University web site at:​ 

University Portal Registration   

All the Financial University students should register at the Financial University portal. Each student should register independently.   

The first-year students who have indicated their e-mail address in the application for admission to the University, should get their student data by using the Forgot password option, entering the number of their student ID card (student gradebook) in the Username section and entering their e-mail address indicated in the application for admission in the E-Mail Verification section. 

The student can get access to class schedules, pass/fail examination and examination schedules:
  • through the Personal Student Account opened at the University portal;
  • through the information kiosks on the University premises;
  • through the Financial University Schedule​  mobile application.


The students who are enrolled to full-time programs and study in the face-to-face-mode have a right to obtain state academic scholarships allocated from the federal budget funds. The amount of the state academic scholarship in the 2nd semester of 2015/2016 academic year is 1,565 rubles. The foreign nationals enrolled on educational programs within the quota established by the Government of the Russian Federation whose tuition fee is covered from the federal budget funds have a right to obtain state academic scholarships during the entire period of study, regardless of their academic performance. The foreign nationals who have been enrolled on equal terms with the Russian citizens, have a right to obtain a scholarship if they have no academic backlog (have not failed at any tests/examinations) and have obtained the following grades during the formative assessment tests:
  • Either exclusively excellent grades;
  • Or good and excellent grades;
  • Or good grades only.  
The students who have exclusively excellent grades have a right to obtain the state academic scholarship whose amount is 50% higher than the standard scholarship amount set by the Financial University.