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1C Technology Collaborative Provision Department

Head: Dmitry Kazachkov, Director of 1C-Rarus group of companies​


About the Department ​

The Department trains experts in developing configurations within 1C: Enterprise 8 system. Students can also take general courses in 1C: Manufacturing Company Management, 1C: Salary and Personnel Management 8 and other products based on the use of 1C Technology. The Department ensures that the best students are trained and included into the 1C expert community.  An opportunity is provided to the students to become employed by 1C-Rarus group of companies and get a unique work experience.

The key Department goals for the year 2016 are: 

1. To form the technical foundation for the development of the University scientific schools that include experts in IT use in the economy.  
2. To develop a methodology for bachelor and master training in the new fields of study.
3. To be engaged in training of bachelors and masters majoring in Applied Computer Science.  
4. To improve the teaching methodology by using practice-oriented approaches based on the use of modern ICT.  
5. To develop relations with other departments within the University, to jointly take efforts to improve the teaching process and to develop joint measures to improve the quality of provision.  
6. To provide professional development opportunities to the Department teaching staff.  
7. To establish a consulting center dealing with the issues of information technology use in the economy and economic education.  
8. To organize and participate in research conferences, workshops, meetings, and seminars.  
9. To take part in the research work in line with the University plans.  

Contact information 

Address: Ulitsa Shcherbakovskaya, 38, room 513B
Tel.: 8(499)943-99-00