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Department of Information Security

Head: Igor Sheremet, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Staff: 14 people (incl. 5 Doctors of Sciences, 6 Professors)

Disciplines Taught at the ChairШеремет ИА.jpg

  • Within Bachelor Degree Program Curricula
    • Information Security Audit 
    • Information Process Security in Computer Systems  
    • Information Security in Information (Bearer) Channels  
    • Information Security 
    • Comprehensive Corporate Information Protection Systems  
    • Cryptographic Methods and Information Security Tools  
    • Regulatory Framework for Information Security Operations  
    • Corporate Information Security Department Operations and Management  
    • Fundamentals of Information Warfare  
    • Fundamentals of Content Analysis  
    • Basics of Content Analysis Operations  
    • Data Protection Software and Hardware  
    • Data Transfer Networks and Systems  
    • Systems Analysis in Comprehensive Information Security Systems  
    • Data Protection Tools and Techniques  
    • Information Security Management (ISM) 
  • Within Master Degree Program Curricula  
    • Network/Facility Certification in Line with the Information Security Authorities’ Requirements   
    • Protected Information Systems  
    • Information Security Systems  
    • Information Protection Methods and Techniques Used in E-Document Processing Systems  
    • Methods of Information Warfare   
    • Protection of Business Continuity 
    • Regulatory Framework for Information Security Operations  
    • Computer Security Theory
    • Theoretical Basics of Management 
    • Methods and Techniques of Ensuring Facility Information Security  
    • Information Security Incident Management  
    • Expert Systems for Comprehensive Security Assessment in Automated, Information and Telecommunication Systems  

Department  Working Hours:  Mon.-Fri. 9:00 – 18:00

Department  Head’s Office Hours: Tue., Wed. 10:00 – 17:00

Address: 38 Shcherbakovskaya, room 201

Tel.: +7 (499) 277 21 39