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Department of Systems Analysis and Economic Process Modeling

Head: Georgy Kleiner, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences


About the Department 

The Department was formed on 1 September 2014 pursuant to a resolution of the University Academic Council. The Department teaching staff are the former staff members of the Department of Systems Analysis in Economics, the Department of Mathematical Modeling of Economic Processes and the current staff of the Central Institute of Economics and Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.  

 The Department goals are:

To integrate and further develop scientific schools that operate in the field of mathematical and instrumental methods in economics and economics and management of the national economy using a systemic approach; to conduct research and consult business entities and government institutions on economic development topical issues;
To train highly-qualified bachelors, masters and postgraduate students who have a broad range of interests, fundamental knowledge and professional competences and are able to use a systemic approach to analyzing and resolving various social issues;
To propagate the use of systemic approach to problem solving and to facilitate using the methodology of systemic thinking.  

Contact information

Address: Ulitsa Shcherbakovskaya, 38
Room 214 (teaching and learning)
Tel.: (499) 277-21-44
Room 211 (research)
Tel.: (499) 277-21-31