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Institute of Correspondence Studies and Open Education

Director: Natalia Zvereva


The goal of the Institute is to ensure high quality of provision by using modern distance learning technologies and create a good learning environment. The correspondence course taken at the Institute is an efficient and profitable way of getting high-quality training. The programs with the standard compulsory discipline content are tailored to customer needs and demands. The courses on offer will be of interest to the students who want to combine studies and work. The blended learning technologies are used in the teaching and learning process. Lecture-based programs are accessible through the University e-learning portal. The students have an opportunity to study on-line at any time. The practicals and seminars are conducted by the instructors in the evenings and on Saturdays.  The convenient timing is taken into consideration when forming the academic calendars. The instructors consult the students on the issues that arise between the scheduled examination sessions. The consulting sessions are organized on-line. The students can also come to the University premises to consult the instructors. The students can study on a fee-paying basis or their tuition fee expenses can be covered from the federal budget funds.    

Bachelor Degree Programs on Offer

-Economics, with the concentrations in:
   • Finance and Lending  
   • Accounting and Audit 
   • Taxes and Taxation

-Management, with the concentrations in:
   • Project Management  
   • Investment Management   
   • Financial Management 
   • Marketing  

-Law, with the concentrations in:
   • Civil and Entrepreneurial Law  
   • Financial and Tax Law 

-Business Informatics, with the concentration in Corporate IT Management 
-Public Administration and Municipal Management
-HR Management  

 There are 2 scheduled examination sessions a year. Each session lasts 40 to 50 calendars days.  

Master Degree Programs on Offer  

-Economics, with the concentrations in:  
   • Taxes and Taxation
   • Corporate Finance  
   • Managerial Accounting and Controlling   
   • Accounting, Account Analysis and Audit    
   • Accounting and Financial Management  
   • Taxes, Accounting, Tax Consulting  
-Management, with the concentrations in:   
   • Financial Management  
   • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility  
   • Investment and Financial Management   
-Finance and Lending, with the concentrations in:   
   • Banking Technologies  
   •  Insurance Business
   • Modern Banking and Management Models   
   • Financial Economics and Monetary Regulation  
   • Corporate Finance: Transformations and Technologies  
-Public Administration and Municipal Management,  with the concentration in Public Administration
-Law, with the concentrations in:      
   • State Law and Business Lawyer 
   • Public and Corporate Finance Lawyer  

Admissions Director of the Institute:
 8 (499) 277 -28-84

23 Oleko D​undicha​