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Institute of Short-Term Programs

Director: Kolomiytsev Alexander


The goal of the Institute is to offer bachelor degree programs to applicants who have a tertiary degree. There are about 40 Departments that are engaged in the teaching process at the Institute. The teaching process is based on the use of further education program curricula. The standard period of study is 3 years.  

There are the following programs on offer: 

- Economics, with the concentrations in:  
   •   Public and Municipal Finance
   • Banking and Financial Markets 
   • Corporate Finance
   • Accounting, Account Analysis and Audit  
   • Insurance Business  
   • Taxes and Taxation  

-Management, with the concentrations in:   
   • Financial Management  
   • Crisis Management

-Law, with the concentrations in:    
   • Civil and Entrepreneurial Law   
   • Financial and Tax Law  
   • International Financial Law  

Selection committee:
8(499)943-93-37; 8(499)943-94-16;

Address: 49 Leningradsky Prospekt