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Faculty of Sociology and Political Science

Dean: Alexander Shatilaov, PhD​ (Political Science), Professor ​


The aim of the Faculty is to train a new generation of highly-qualified experts within the framework of the government program of personnel pool formation for the Russian intellectual establishment. It is assumed that the graduates (both bachelors and masters) gain knowledge and acquire top managers’ skills that are in demand in both government institutions and commercial companies. A multidisciplinary approach to training is our trademark. The students acquire knowledge of various fields, incl. sociology and political science, on the one hand, and finance and economics, on the other hand. Experts in many fields are trained who can perform a comprehensive analysis of the processes that are going on; they are the professionals who have knowledge of political issues, social life, administration of government institutions, practical operations of Russian and overseas business companies, who are able to compare and incorporate the seemingly alien economic, social and political issues into one paradigm.   

There are the following degree-awarding Departments within the Faculty:

 - Department of General Political Science  
 - Department of Theoretical Sociology  

Bachelor Degree Programs on Offer

Political Science, with the concentration in Political Science and Economic Processes    
Sociology, with the concentration in Economic Sociology

Master Degree Programs on Offer  

Political and Economic Foundations for Sustainability of Modern States  
Economic Sociology