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International Financial Laboratory (IFL)

stocks_chart.jpgThe IFL provides access to a vast array of data, industry and corporate reports, securities quotes, analytical data, financial news, global information and other materials that are necessary for every economist, trader and investment analyst to students, instructors, and researchers.    Statistical data and analytical materials that are ready to use when doing the homework, preparing term papers, graduation papers, theses, research works are provided by the Bloomberg information agency. Our Laboratory has 9 Bloomberg data licenses. They allow us to coordinate and do quantitative research using multi-dimensional array of financial and economic data. We can offer you an opportunity to do the research and prepare didactical materials  in line with the most advanced international standards using the endless benefits of a dynamic network containing data, news and analytical materials gathered and compiled by the Bloomberg information agency that has offices in 192 locations worldwide where more than 15,000 employees work.  

IFL web site ​

The IFL key aim is to develop researcher competencies, conduct innovative interdisciplinary research and improve the teaching and learning process by providing practice-oriented materials.   To achieve this, the Laboratory plans to prepare research and methodology programs in line with the international standards with a view to maintain the University high prestige that manifests itself in the high quality and innovation of the research done by our researchers, high quality of the teaching process design and high standards of the research process.

The Laboratory has the following goals:
  • To build the research infrastructure in line with the standards accepted by the world's best research and educational centers.
  • To ensure researcher integration, that is, to ensure proactive participation of the leading international research centers in the IFL research programs development, implementation and quality control.   
  • To ensure academic integration by cooperating with the leading Russian and overseas education institution research centers.
  • To ensure data integration by cooperating with the leading providers of information for professionals working in the field of finance; by using their resources to develop skills in the University students and instructors needed for working with industry information systems; by preparing publication for the Review of Business and Economics Studies peer-reviewed economic journal and by preparating publications for the international   peer-reviewed journals.
 Relying on a solid ICT-based infrastructure, the IFL also plans to provide technical and methodological support to the teaching process at all the University departments using the Bloomberg data; to offer advanced training to the University teaching staff, offer further education programs (CFA, programs in derivatives, algotrading and data mining). The IFL cooperates closely and hopes to continue cooperation with the Bloomberg University that conducts commercial international seminars in various fields (with different levels of complexity).  

The most significant of our achievements are:
  • Staff of the London Bloomberg office offer a series of system-related lectures to the University instructors, undergraduate and postgraduate students at different levels. The lectures are offered free of charge to the University staff. They obtain course certificates after passing exams. (About 100 students and 28 instructors have taken a course).
  • As at the end of the 2013/2014 academic year, the IFL attracted more than 140 active users. On average, 5 new users start using the system each week. On average, each user uses between 20 and 500 Bloomberg sections per week.
  • Using the Bloomberg data and system, A. S. Didenko offered a course on portfolio investment; S. Yu. Bogatyrev offered a course in behavioral finance; O. V. Yefimova offered a course in financial analysis. About 23 courses have been offered in total. 
  • The University has opened its own web page on the Bloomberg web site. Only 7 universities in the world have such a page there. ROBES journal articles, expert reports on risk assessment, forecasts of the demand for energy, etc. prepared using the methodology developed by the Financial University are regularly posted on the web page. Access to the content is open to all the Bloomberg system users (more than 300 thousand investment industry professionals around the world). 
  • Research seminars are conducted regularly in cooperation with the overseas university professors, Bloomberg representatives, and the researchers representing the University Moscow campus and the University Branches. The IFL helps the University Branches’ representatives     obtain the necessary data from the Bloomberg system. This is done using the IFL own methodology.   
  • Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) is conducted. The BAT test is a standardized test offered globally that evaluates the students’ aptitude to pursue careers in business and finance. After finishing the BAT, students are listed on the Bloomberg Institute Talent Search database.  Database is visited by the representatives of major investment banks, hedge funds and mutual funds, brokerage firms and other companies worldwide. 
We have some projects that are in the pipelines. Those include an e-learning project, a project that involves a Bloomberg application integrating the Bloomberg data with the Financial University systems, a Bloomberg system-based didactic materials project and some others. 

Our Laboratory is located at: Leningradsky Prospekt, 49, room 422. The Laboratory opening hours:  Mo.- Fri.: 10-00 - 22-00. Visits on Saturdays are by appointment only.

If you have any questions concerning the Bloomberg information system operations, please contact

Inna Lukashenko, Head of the Laboratory at: 
(499) 922 34 35, (499) 943 99 00, ext. 91 08 
or e-mail:​