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International Young Financial Expert Forum

The Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation organizes the International Young Financial Expert Forum every year. As is the tradition, the Forum opening event is the business ideas fair where young entrepreneurs from different regions of Russia present more than a hundred of various business projects in the field of IT, education, technology, social support, bioecology. 

mmff2.jpgEvery year at the Forum the most promising project information is put on display for the distinguished guests to see. One of the most interesting projects demonstrated during the latest Forum was the Green Notebook social entrepreneurship project. Young project managers did the calculations to find out how to help the disabled people, the most vulnerable category of the population, earn some money without extra investment and in a cost effective way. Various office stationery bearing corporate logos, including notebooks, pencils, pens, are made of printing waste. The products may be in great demand. Business companies may become the producers’ customers. The first batch of such products has been put on sale. Retail chains are also happy to offer modern office stationery to their customers. Volunteers offer their free delivering services to the producers and stores.  mmff3.jpg

According to Nikolai Kuznetsov, University Director of Innovative Development Department, one of the key requirements for project fair participants is to present not the hard-to-implement but easy-to-implement projects to the guests and investors. According to him, the value of Green Notebook social entrepreneurship project is in the fact that it does not require funding and helps dispose of some waste. The printing plants are glad that they can dispose of the waste that they used to put to trashcans. According to Nikolai Kuznetsov, it is probably appropriate to make them pay for recycling in the future. 

mmff5.jpgEvery year among the Forum guests you can find the representatives of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, OPORA Russia SME association, the Association of Russian Banks, the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and many others. 

This year, professional investors have been invited to take part in the business ideas fair. This is why this Forum differs fundamentally from the previous ones. According to Mikhail Eskindarov, Financial University Rector, previously, the Forum was a kind of ‘trial  site’ where people searched for new business ideas while the projects were assessed by the University experts following the exhibition, and the best ones were sent for development to the University business incubator. According to him, this time the young innovators had a chance to communicate directly with the venture capital market professionals and attract investment to their projects. Given the fact that today the Russian universities have the right to provide the infrastructure and the laboratories to small innovative companies and scientific and industrial companies, and the companies have a right to have favorable treatment, the value of such events is increasing. This means that if you implement the promising projects and if you have orders, you can quickly generate a profit. 


Not only dozens of investors’ sessions but also researchers’ discussions and roundtable discussion sessions were held within the framework of the Forum. Leading experts in finance and economics, young researchers, representatives of innovative companies, financial institutions, and students and instructors of more than 250 Russian and CIS economist-training universities were among the Forum participants.