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Research and Innovation

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The Financial University conducts fundamental and applied research; uses the new scientific achievements and new learning technology in the teaching and learning process; develops science-intensive projects aimed at developing the economy and ensures that the teaching staff and the students develop their creative potential.

The following principles are used when conducting the research work:  
  • Protection and development of the University science schools;  
  • Creation of incentives in order to further develop the fundamental and applied research in such priority areas as Economics, Finance, Law, Political Science, Management, and others;  
  • Ensuring that there is a strong relationship between teaching and research through research projects implemented jointly by the teaching staff members and the students.  

The key areas of comprehensively planned research are:  
  • The research themes indicated on the comprehensive University general research theme list;  
  • Applied research funded  by the Government and conducted in line with the orders made by the government institutions;  
  • Research conducted in line with the research services agreements concluded with the Ministries, government institutions and organizations;  
  • Research funded by the grant funds obtained from external organizations and the University Research Fund funds;  
  • Preparation and publication of teaching staff and student research works;  
  • Training of postgraduate program students and doctoral degree program students in order to ensure that the University has appropriate academic and research staff pool;   
  • Organization of undergraduate and postgraduate student research work;  
  • Organization of research conferences, roundtable discussions, and seminars.
The research and analysis work conducted in line with the orders made by the Government of the Russian Federation is a priority for the University staff.

The following areas are on top of the Financial University research priorities list:  
  • Financial support of economy and social sphere;
  • Corporate governance and business strategies;
  • Management systems IT-based information support (e-audit);
  • Economic security;
  • World economy globalization and institutional modernization.