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Academic events

Academic events organized by IRIER

(2010 – present)

  1. Round table ‘Global financial and economic crisis and perspectives of the Russian economy modernization: Financial and monetary aspects’ (Moscow, Financial University, 20 March 2010)
  2. Academic conference ‘Improving the financial and monetary policies for innovative economic development’ (Moscow, Financial University, 20 April 2010)
  3. Academic conference ‘Globalization of financial and economic regulation:
    G-20 summits decisions and the rols of Russia in their implementation’ (Moscow, Financial University, 19 April 2011)
  4. Academic conference ‘Global and Russian economies: Market and public regulation as a factor of sustainable development’ (Moscow, Financial University, 16 April 2012)
  5. Academic conference ‘Russia in the WTO: Financial and economic risks’ (Moscow, Financial University, 15 April 2013
  6. International academic conference ‘Russia in the WTO: national competitiveness and Russian export promotion’ (Moscow, Financial University, 15 April 2014)
  7. International academic conference ‘Impact of globalization and WTO membership on the population quality of living in the BRICS countries’ (Moscow, Financial University, 17 March 2015)
  8. International academic conference ‘Current development perspectives of the Eurasian Economic Union in the light of the European integration experience and global challenges’ (Moscow, Financial University, 21 April 2015)
  9. International conference ‘Is it possible to grow without the ‘New Normal’? Developing countries’ strategic initiatives’ (Moscow, Financial University, 23 November 2016)